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M22 Panel Mount Beacons and Alarms from Auer Signal

Signaling Solutions…Loud and Clear

M22 Panel Mount Signaling Beacons and Alarms from Auer Signal are the perfect complement to Sprecher + Schuh's world class industrial control product line. High grade, heavy duty and comprehensive, these 22mm panel mount devices are a unique and powerful acoustic and visual signaling solution.

Versatile and Rugged Construction for Industrial Applications

Heavy duty industrial polycarbonate is used to construct all M22 beacons and sounders. A wide range of colors, tones, sizes and housing colors means there is a beacon, sounder or combination for any application. Maintenance free LED bulbs are vibration proof, provide a long life, and use a nominal current. The entire line meets UL Type 4/4X/13 and IP65 or IP67 guidelines for use indoors or out. No other manufacturer of competitive product offers this extensive range of environmental approvals.

High Performance Light, Sound and Combination Signaling

M22 Panel Mount Signaling Alarms from Auer Signal from Sprecher + Schuh

All M22 models fit into a standard 22.5mm cut-out. There are three sizes for all models; five beacon models in single and multiple colors, a combination beacon plus buzzer, and the panel mount buzzer. Choose from a wide range of LED steady/flashing, strobe, and multicolor visual signaling. Sound tones range from 72 dBA to 105 dBA decibels at 1 meter. The higher the dBA sound level, the greater the diameter size of the rugged watertight M22 alarm sounders. The three diameter sizes for the M22 devices are 30mm, 45mm and 65mm available in 24VDC/AC, 120VAC or 240VAC

Panel Mount Beacons

Panel Mount Beacons:

  • Installation depth just 34 to 47mm
  • Three illumination types in LED Steady/flashing, LED strobe or Xenon strobe
  • Six single color choices
  • Multicolor beacons in two color or three color
Panel Mount Beacons plus Alarm

Panel Mount Beacons plus Alarm:

  • Two sizes; 65mm and 45mm diameter
  • Tone and light synchronized or separately switchable
  • LED Steady/flashing illumination
  • Adjustable tone type from 98 to 103 dBA
  • PLC fit (leakage, inrush current)
Panel Mount Alarms

Panel Mount Alarms:

  • Sound output range from 75 to 105 dBA
  • Wide voltage range 12V AC/DC to 240V AC
  • Three selectable tone types via DIP switch
  • Detachable terminal block for easy connection
  • ESK model suitable for food industry

Sprecher + Schuh is the exclusive reseller of Auer Signaling solutions in the United States and Canada. Contact your local distributor for a quote.

International Standards and Approvals

Environmental Approvals

The M22 Panel Mount Beacons and Alarms are cULus listed and CE marked for international markets. Specific to the food industry, the M22 30mm ESK sounder housings are fully enclosed to prevent contaminants from accumulating.