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Beacons, Horns and Other Signaling Devices from Auer Signal

Whenever visual and audible communication is needed, Auer Signaling is there. Auer Signaling offers its complete line in North America exclusively through Sprecher + Schuh. Signaling devices are everywhere, from hospitals, fork lifts, conveyor belts at airports and mining operations, self-scanning check out at the grocery store or the ticket gate at the parking garage. Beacons, sounders, horns, loud speakers, sirens, telephones and more are available through authorized Sprecher + Schuh distributors across the United States and Canada. Here are just a few examples of the wide range of signaling devices available.

Visual Signaling Devices:

  • Beacons "Q" and Modular Beacons Series "R"
  • Steady, Flashing, Strobe, pulsing and double strobe beacons
  • Multi-color and two-color beacons
  • LED Light bar
  • Visit the Auer website for more product details

Visual + Audible Signaling Devices:

  • Combination multi-tone alarms "A" and beacon "Q"
  • Multi-tone Alarm "A" with light beacon
  • Beacons "Q" with buzzer
  • Mini Horn signaling with steady or strobe beacons
  • Strobe beacon with signaling sounder
  • Electronic multi-tone siren
  • Visit the Auer website for more product details

Audible Only Signaling Devices:

  • Mini and Signal horns
  • Bells and electronic sirens
  • Multi-tone alarms "A"
  • Motor sirens
  • Visit the Auer website for more product details

Telephone and Explosion Proof Devices:

  • FernTel, SafeTel and standard industry telephones and accessories for industrial applications
  • Explosion-proof telephones and accessories, beacons, beacons + alarms, horns, loud speakers, alarms, sirens, sounders and other signaling devices
  • Visit the Auer website for more product details

Sprecher + Schuh is the exclusive reseller of Auer Signaling solutions in the United States and Canada. Contact your local distributor for a quote.

International Standards and Approvals

Environmental Approvals

Auer Signaling Beacons and Alarms are cULus listed and CE marked for international markets. Explosion-proof telephones and signaling devices carry various Atex certification approvals for use in hazardous environments. See individual product documentation for specifications.