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Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, the Auer Signal company has designed and manufactured high quality visual and audible signaling equipment since 1910. Because of this sole focus on signaling products, their designs are based on a keen market knowledge gained over years of working with key customers and vendors throughout Europe. Auer products are built using the latest design and manufacturing techniques. Camera controlled SMD machines (for placing surface mount devices), ultrasonic welding machines, test robots, as well as the latest software for 3D modeling, mold flow analysis and stereolithography, assure that Auer products remain world class. In addition, the company's manufacturing operations are certified to ISO 9001.

Auer Signaling Product Lines

Visual Signaling Equipment
Beacons "Q", Standard and LED in Steady, Flashing, Strobe, Multi-color, Illuminating, Rotating Mirror, and M22 Panel Mount.
Signal Towers Signal Towers
Modular Signal Towers in a wide variety of signaling options and sizes.
Visual-Audible Signaling Equipment Visual-Audible Signaling Equipment
Variety of visual plus audible signaling solutions in beacons, beacons with alarms, multi-tone alarms and beacons, and horns. The M22 panel mount beacons are also available with alarms.
Audible Signaling Equipment Audible Signaling Equipment
Wide variety of horns, signaling devices, alarms, bells, buzzers and sirens, and 22mm panel mount alarms .
Telephones & Accessories Telephones & Accessories
Specialty line of SafeTel, FernTel, and Industrial weather proof and explosion proof telephones and accessories.
Explosion Proof Signaling Equipment Explosion Proof Signaling Equipment
Complete line of explosion proof beacons, sounders, alarms, horns, buzzers and sirens.
Signaling Equipment Accessories Signaling Equipment Accessories
Replacement bulbs for every type of Auer Signaling device.

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