EK VarioSign Plotter



Terminal Marking Systems

Whether you're marking individual terminals or terminal groups, Sprecher + Schuh's V7-W are accompanied by a wide array of marking solutions. From standard preprinted marker cards, to custom marking with our EK VarioSign Software and Plotter system, Sprecher + Schuh offers a tremendous array of options for labeling any terminal assembly.

Blank Terminal Markers

Marking Cards

For customers who prefer to write their own terminal markers, blank marking cards are available for all sizes of Sprecher + Schuh's V7 terminals.

Preprinted Terminal Markers

Single Digit Marking Tabs

Selected V7-W terminals can be marked with single digit marking tabs. This convenient marking system is ideal for applications where professional marking is required, but time is critical. Single-digit, preprinted alphanumeric characters can be mixed and matched to provide exactly the right label for any terminal.

Marking Cards

Preprinted marking cards are available to fit virtually any Sprecher + Schuh V7-W terminal. Cards are marked with ten numbers in a series, printed either vertically or horizontally.

Custom Terminal Markers

All sizes of Sprecher + Schuh marking cards can be custom printed on our terminal plotter system. In addition to alphanumeric characters, 100 electrical symbols are also available. There are two convenient methods for obtaining custom marking cards:

If you have just a few different cards to plot, or a lot of cards that are similar to one another, using the hand-written form is very convenient. After printing and completing the form, you may fax it to Customer Service for processing.

Using the Complete Terminal Marking System

Sprecher + Schuh's terminal marking system is the ultimate solution for creating custom marking cards with total flexibility and fast turnaround. The system comes complete with everything required to plot your own marking tags (requires a Windows-based computer). Up to four marking cards can be plotted at a time. That's enough tags to professionally label 400 terminals in only minutes.

Unlimited jobs can be input and stored for future plotting using Sprecher + Schuh's EK VarioSign Plotter system, which is very intuitive and easy to learn.

Need Special Marking Tags from Sprecher+Schuh?

Donít have a V7 Plotter System? Not a problem! Download the DEMO software today to create your own tag arrangement and then email this EKTeam file to a Sprecher+Schuh customer service representative for further assistance on ordering.