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Simplex Pump Controllers

Pump control panels for outdoor irrigation and oil well applications

Sprecher + Schuh pump control panels are specifically designed to meet Combination starter requirements in demanding outdoor environmental conditions. Typical applications include irrigation and waste water treatment as well as oil well and agricultural applications.

Sprecher + Schuh's custom controls panel shop assembles Pump Controllers with through-the-door operators and rugged Type 3R rain-proof metal or Type 4X non-metallic enclosures. These enclosures in some cases are somewhat smaller than previous models but still with adequate room to mount a mechanical timer and other customer supplied controls.

There are three models of Pump Controllers:

Pump panels feature our CA7, and CA6 line of contactors which are UL Listed and sized to match all the available HP sizes of motors. Alternately, we can provide NEMA Sized starters (CAN7 and CAN6) contactors which comply with all requirements by UL and are labeled with the applicable NEMA (00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) size in our pump panels. Our MCCB models and the L10 models utilize the CEP7 solid state overload relay providing state-of-the-art overload and singlephase protection. See Section B in this catalog for a full description of these excellent motor protection relays. Our KTA7 model utilizes the high speed current limiting capabilities providing short-circuit protection, branch-circuit disconnect, and overload protection in one compact device. See Section F in this catalog for application details for these Type E Combos.

Standard pump controllers are equipped with START pushbutton and H-O-A selector switch. The entire assembly is mounted in an outdoor enclosure with provision for mounting on a pole or a wall and top conduit provisions. Oversized enclosures can be provided for each of the pump controllers to accommodate extra equipment. Our factory modification section lists many of the options that are commonly requested. A customized pump controller quotation including door-in-door (dead-front) models, reduced voltage models and models with customized control diagrams can be provided on demand by contacting your Sprecher + Schuh representative.