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Multispeed starters


Multispeed Starters

Versatile starters for any multispeed motor or application

Sprecher + Schuh multispeed starters can produce multiple constant speeds by specially arranging the windings of multispeed motors. Motors with two separate windings or one reconnectable winding can be used. All Sprecher + Schuh multispeed starters use the CAT7 or CAT6 line of motor starters. These starters are compact and offer intermediate sizes to better match specific motor requirements. This equates to generous wiring space and less wasted horsepower capacity. Protecting the multispeed starter is the state of the art CEP7 solid state overload relay. The CEP7 electronics provide numerous advantages over electromechanical relays such as increased accuracy, a wider adjustment range, lower energy usage, and less heat generation which requires less cooling.

Choose the right starter for your application

Multispeed motors fall into three types, all with differing torque characteristics. Selecting the proper type depends on the connected load. Our custom controls panel shop assembles a variety of multispeed starters, such as:

  • Constant Torque motors deliver the same torque at each speed, and horsepower varies directly with the speed. Typical applications include reciprocating pumps, conveyors, mills and mixers.
  • Constant Horsepower motors deliver the same horsepower at each speed and the torque varies inversely with the speed. Typical applications include machine tools such as drills, lathes, mills, punch presses and saws.
  • Variable Torque (variable horsepower) motors deliver a torque that varies directly with the speed and the horsepower varies directly with the square of the speed. Typical applications include centrifugal pumps, fans and blowers.

Control options

The four common forms of control for multispeed starters are known as selective, compelling, progressive and decelerating. Standard multispeed starters are wired for selective control. The other control options are available as factory modifications.

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