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Combination Starters — Through the Door Operated

Smart and cost effective... for any application

Sprecher + Schuh's through-the-door operated combination starters represent an economical alternative to the classic flange-operated solution. They are designed to meet rigid UL/NEC withstand specifications. Sprecher + Schuh has been building custom control panels with this design for years. Experience the durability of this product!

Starting with the best

At the heart of all Sprecher + Schuh combination starters is the CAT7 and CAT6 line of motor starters. These starters are compact and offer intermediate sizes to better match specific motor requirements. This equates to generous wiring space and less wasted horsepower capacity.

Standard Sprecher + Schuh combination starters are equipped with the state of the art CEP7 solid state overload relay. CEP7 solid state overload relays measure motor current directly through integrated current transformers and on board electronics (ASICs). The electronics provide numerous advantages over electromechanical relays such as increased accuracy, a wider adjustment range, lower energy usage, and less heat generation which requires less cooling.

Choice of Disconnect

Choices for disconnect include either a Thermal Magnetic Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB), or a fusible or non-fusible L11 motor disconnect switch.

MCCB combination starter

Thermal Magnetic Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)

The through-the-door operated combo MCCB is available to meet new UL short circuit withstand specifications. An MCCB prevents single phasing by simultaneously opening all three phases when a fault occurs in any one phase. An MCCB can often be reset after the fault has been cleared.

Fusible combination starter

L11 Disconnect Switch

The through-the-door operated combination starter is available with the L11 Disconnect Switch. A mechanical door interlock system prevents the door from being opened when the disconnect is closed, and conversely, prevents the disconnect from being closed when the door is open. Both functions can be defeated for test and maintenance purposes. Other safety features include padlock provisions and a high visibility operating handle. The L11 Switch disconnects have a quick make/quick break, non-teasing action. The L11 fusible switch is suitable for interrupting up to 200,000 amperes when class "J" fuses are used. L11 disconnect switches comply with UL98 standards for service entrance requirements and are NFPA 79 compliant.

Choice of Enclosures and other features

Available enclosures include Type 1 General Purpose, Type 3R Raintight, Type 12 Dusttight, Type 4 Watertight, and Type 4X corrosion resistant. All combination starters can be factory assembled with a range of control options and other modifications.