Softstarter Intelligent Controllers


Softstarter Intelligent Controllers

PF Series to 1000HP


The PF Softstarter Controller provides intelligence, unmatched performance, flexibility, and diagnostics in a modular compact design for controlling either a standard squirrel-cage induction motor or a star-delta motor. Seven standard, and two optional starting modes of operation are available within a single controller.

As standard, this true three-phase controlling device includes electronic overload protection with programmable trip class, integral run bypass, increased motor and system diagnostics, configurable auxiliary contacts, and multiple start and stop modes. The PF Controller comes equipped with a built-in keypad and LCD display for programming the controller parameter settings for the specific industrial application.

Offering 16 current models from 5...1250A, 1...1000HP @460VAC (1400HP Y-D)

Starting Modes

  PFS Standard PFB Pump Control PFD Braking Control
Soft Start X X X
Soft Stop X    
Current Limit X X X
Full Voltage X X X
Kick Start X X X
Preset Slow Speed X   X
Linear Speed Start and Stop   X    
Dual Ramp X    
Pump Start and Stop   X  
Intelli-Brake     X
Intelli-Stop     X
Slow Speed with Braking     X