Softstarter Intelligent Controllers

Wired Inside the Delta —
Less Heat, Space and Cost


Softstarter Intelligent Controllers

PCEC Hydraulic Elevator to 150HP


The PCEC Hydraulic Elevator Softstarter is a current-limiting solid state starter. It consists of four basic components: the control module, power module, fault contactor, and a selectable Class 10, 15 or 20 solid state overload relay for motor protection.

What makes it better?

  1. Current-limiting
    Increases motor life by reducing or eliminating high current surges caused by traditional wye-delta starters. Also reduces or eliminates voltage drop in weak electrical systems.
    Reduces mechanical stress on entire hydraulic system. This results in less maintenance to the pump and related hydraulic components, and ultimately, less downtime.
  2. Solid state
    The softstarter itself contains no moving parts that can wear out. This reduces or eliminates regular maintenance. Electrical noise and heat generation is also reduced. The PCE provides a smooth, stepless ramp of the hydraulic pump motor from 0 to full speed.

Wired inside the delta

The PCEC Hydraulic Elevator Softstarters are wired "inside the delta". Lower current is passed through the softstarter, resulting in less heat generation, smaller devices, smaller panel space, and lower cost. The PCEC fits new and existing installations, providing an exact replacement for many wye-delta starters. The PCEC can also be configured for Line connected 3-wire motor applications.

Microprocessor control provides precision operation

PCEC softstarters are under full microprocessor control, which limits starting current to the preset adjustable value. Current never exceeds the preset  limit. Microprocessor control also provides finer increments of adjustment, facilitating smooth, repeatable, and accurate starting characteristics, independent of component aging and varying environmental conditions.

LED diagnostic display

An LED display indicates operating status and fault condition (overload, over temperature, phase reversal/phase loss, phase imbalance, shorted SCR, start fault). This enables speedy diagnosis and quick resolution of problems.

Flexible design

The PCEC softstarter matches the mounting hole configuration of many wye-delta solid state starters, allowing easy replacement. The unit features a 2-wire control interface to accommodate new and existing installations. It also includes “up to speed” contact for easy integration. Additional auxiliary contacts can be mounted on the side of the PCEC unit. Field-replaceable components mean easy maintenance.

Standard fault contactor
A standard fault contactor isolates one side of the motor windings from the line power in case of softstarter fault or motor overload. Current flow is prevented by mechanical isolation in addition to the solid state SCRs.


International Standards and Approvals

International standards and approvals

The PCEC Softstarters are UL Listed and cUL Listed (Canadian Standards per UL 508 and CS C22.2 No. 14-95) as solid state motor controllers in File E96956. They are also UL Listed and cUL Listed per UL 508 and CAN/CSA B44.1-96 as elevator controllers in File E3125.