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Motor Circuit Controllers

KTV7 Multi-Motor Control and Protection to 32A

The Sprecher + Schuh KTV7 series of self-protected combination motor controllers are suitable for application at the output of variable frequency drives (VFDs’) in multi-motor installations. They provide individual overload protection in multiple motor applications as required by NEC §430, part III

KTV7 self-protected combination motor controllers provide the following protective and control functions:

The Sprecher+Schuh KTV7 series motor controllers are suitable for two types of applications under cULus listings:

When UL/CSA listed as a manual, self-protected combination motor controller, the KTV7 provides all of the necessary NEC requirements for protection and control of individual motor branch circuits without additional protective devices (per NEC 430-52C option 6).

When KTV7 devices are applied as manual motor controllers in group installations, then NEC group installation rules state these devices must be applied per the appropriate rules, which require the use of an upstream BCPDbranch circuit protection device (per NEC 430-53C option 2).

Suitable for use with Variable Frequency Drives

The output frequency of the VFD must be limited to 400Hz or less to prevent thermal degradation. Various models of the KTV7 series self-protected combination motor controllers provide disconnection for motor branch circuits, branch-circuit and short-circuit protection (including magnetic protection), overload/thermal protection and manual switching. The KTV7 self-protected combination motor controllers are current limiting and have a fixed magnetic trip. Interrupt ratings at 400V and 480V are available up to 65KaIC. The VFD output pulse-width modulation frequency must be limited to 4 kilohertz or less. The circuit breakers provide motor overload protection with a trip class 10 characteristic.


The KTV7 series accepts most accessories designed for the KT7 Motor Circuit Controller family, including:

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

All Sprecher + Schuh KTV7 Motor Circuit Controllers are U and CSA-approved. Sprecher + Schuh is an ISO9001 company.