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Motor Circuit Controllers

Ecombo & EcomboPlus Starters

Save space and money in individual or multi-motor starter applications

Sprecher + Schuh’s Ecombo and EcomboPlus starters are the compact alternative to larger and higher priced combination starters. All models consist of a KT7 Motor Circuit Controller (cULus listed as a Type E, self-protected combination starter), assembled with a CA7 or CA8 contactor, which provides remote operation (Type E/F). Whether used as a stand-alone starter or in multi-motor starter applications, Ecombo and EcomboPlus starters save significant panel space and dollars over conventional combination starter alternatives.

Control And Protection For Most Industrial Applications

The Ecombo starter line covers motors to 45 amperes, while providing current limiting short circuit protection up to 65kA. Class 10 thermal overload protection is also assured with a very accurate current adjustment setting which is factory calibrated to the smallest and largest current the unit can handle. A “differential tripping” mechanism also provides accelerated tripping under single phase conditions. Ecombo starters may be selected as Type 2 Coordinated per IEC 60947-4-1, or UL Construction Type E or F.

The Ecombo 2-Component Starters

Ecombo starters (CL7 or CL8) come standard with a KTA7 Motor Circuit Controller connected to Sprecher + Schuh’s CA7 contactor (or CA8 mini contactor) through a specially designed connection module. The unit is DIN-rail mounted. Contactor coil connections are at the bottom of the starter to provide attractive and cost effective panel wiring. Ecombo starters may also be purchased as components and assembled by the user to further increase economy.CLT7 Three-Component Starters

The Ecombo 3-Component Starters

Three-component Ecombo starters are a Type E rated controller with UL approved short circuit control ratings. The CLT7 (non-reversing) and CLUT7 (reversing) use the magnetic-only KTB7 controller, a CA7 contactor for remote On-Off, and a CEP7 solid state overload relay for superior overload protection. Pre-assembled on a mounting module, 3-component Ecombos are ready to mount to a DIN rail or panel. These Ecombo starters are best where the KTB7 controller is used instead of a classic MCP, and the advanced features and functions of the CEP7 overload relay are needed (i.e. selectable trip class, remote reset, or features of side-mount modules such as jam or ground fault). See our CLT7 literature for more information.

EcomboPlus…A More Complete Assembly

The EcomboPlus starter (CK7) is factory assembled on a special socket base that provides support and allows the starter to be mounted on one or two DIN-rails, or screw mounted. Each starter comes standard with a front mounted auxiliary trip contact that is pre-wired to a built-in control terminal block at the bottom of the unit. Contactor coil connections are also at the bottom of the starter to provide attractive and cost effective panel wiring. See our CK7 EComboPlus literature for more information.

Ecombo Starters Reduce Panel Size, Complexity And Cost

Because KT7 Motor Circuit Controllers are UL listed as self-protected combination starters, NEC / CEC group motor rules are simplified substantially. In many cases, only a non-fused switch is required for panel disconnect. See the Methods of Applying KT7 Motor Circuit Controllers white paper for more information about applying KT7s in multi-motor starter applications.

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

All Sprecher + Schuh KT7 Motor Circuit Controllers are UL-listed and CSA-approved. They also carry the CE mark.