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Motor Circuit Controllers

60mm Bus Bar Systems from Wöhner

A strategic partnership designed for the future

Reduce Panel Assembly Time with a Modular Bus Bar System

The Wöhner Panel System is a group of current carrying component modules which simplifies panel design, layout and assembly. Sprecher + Schuh is proud to partner with Wöhner USA to offer 3-Phase 60mm Bus Bar Systems in conjunction with Sprecher + Schuh starters, controllers and other components for a complete panel assembly that offers flexibility, modularity and reduced assembly costs.

The Wöhner 3-Phase 60mm bus bar system offers power distribution throughout your panel with a minimum of installation labor. Panel systems can span horizontally, or vertically, depending on the application needs and enclosure size. Sprecher + Schuh starters, motor controllers and other components (mounted to removable modules) snap directly to the current carrying bus bar system, eliminating the need for direct power wiring.
Woehner Modular Busbar Systems

Modular Flexibility

Woehner Busbar Module

Modular units can be assembled elsewhere, installed or removed and replaced in a snap. Plug-in modules reduce assembly time and provide the user with a system that can be updated and maintained by simply unplugging and replacing a unit with in-stock modules. The 60mm System eliminates traditional components like power distribution blocks, individual conductors, wiring duct, wire markings and cable ties. Bus bar systems are available in a variety of lengths and amperages up to 4000A max. Touch-safe covers and future provisions enable expansion without the need for redesign or retrofitting.

Woehner Busbars

Exceptional Features

  • IP20 protection against accidental contact
  • Simplifies planning through modularity
  • Work bench assembly of device modules
  • Design flexibility maximized
  • Ideal for systems frequently changed, rebuilt or serviced
  • International acceptability

Variety of ComponentsWoehner EQUES

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

Wöhner 3-Phase 60mm Bus Bar Systems are cULus-listed and CSA-approved. They also carry the CE mark.