Disconnect Switches

L7 to 100A Disconnect Switches

Accessories snap on & off without tools.

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Disconnect Switches

L7 Switches for 16A to 100A

Modular Design Minimizes Inventory

Sprecher + Schuh's L7 Series of disconnect switches incorporates modular design techniques to provide maximum functionality with the fewest number of parts. These rugged switches are compact, reliable and the ideal choice for all disconnect applications including motor disconnects.

Just the right switch for your application

L7 Disconnect Switches are available in four frame sizes up to 100 amps. The smaller L7s come in three and six pole models, as well as three pole changeover switches. A full complement of switch handles and accessories including auxiliary contact blocks, ground and neutral terminals make the L7 line broad enough to tackle virtually any disconnect duty.

Full range of enclosed disconnects for any job

From "do-it-yourself" to fully assembled, we offer a complete selection of three, four and six pole enclosed disconnects for any industrial application.

Meets the toughest safety standards

All switches are touch safe to IP20, while most switch handles are rated for strong water jets to IP66. Excellent making and breaking characteristics provide a level of safety that, in many cases, exceeds international standards.

Modular, flexible and easy to assemble

The versatile L7 line is fully modular. All accessories snap-on and off without the use of tools, speeding assembly. The L7's modular design minimizes inventory with features such as universal auxiliary contact blocks... virtually every block fits all frame sizes. Both metal and plastic shaft extension systems are available to accommodate most panel depths.

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

All Sprecher + Schuh L7 Motor Disconnect Switches are UL Listed and CSA approved. They also carry the CE Mark and meet IEC 947-1 requirements. They are approved in virtually every international market.