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Control & Timing Relays

PIR6W Slim Interface Terminal Block Relays

A full featured model in one small package

The Relpol PIR6W Slim Interface Terminal Block Relay is an ideally compact relay designed for a variety of high-density isolation and interposing applications. These relays are the complete package with a rated load of 6A @ 230V (ACI), an interface relay socket with built-in LED position indicator and a description plate.

Rugged and reliable

The slim interface relay is built for durability and longevity. Equipped with silver tin oxide contacts, these hearty relays have a mechanical life of 20 million cycles, and provide high switching capacity.

DIN-rail mounted relay sockets

The relay series are DIN-rail mountable which can be easily installed alongside other control terminal blocks for a space saving design. A 20-way insulated, copper jumper bar allows bridging of common input and output signals, and can be cut to length. The operational relay and description plates are also replaceable.

Safety approvals

The PIR6W slim interface relays meets a number of international approvals, making them ideal for use in international equipment. The relays are cURus, VDE and CE marked.

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals