Control & Timing Relays

R Series Plug-In Relays


Control & Timing Relays

R Series Plug-In Relays

Designed to accommodate a range of applications

The variety of R Series Plug-In Relays offered by Relpol provides dependable, economical solutions for a range of control applications, from 6 amps resistive @240V AC to 15 amps resistive @250V AC. A flexible solution suitable for virtually any application is the R2/R4 relay. For the tube-base market, there is the rugged R15 relay. And for higher current applications, there is the square-base RUC relay, capable of sustaining inrush currents as high as 40 amps, and the more compact RY2 blade-style relay, which can handle inrush currents as high as 20 amps. Each model is offered in ten coil voltages (6V-110V DC and 6V-240V AC).

Rugged and reliable

The entire R Series is built for dependability and longevity. Equipped with either nickel cadmium or silver nickel cadmium-free contacts, these hearty relays can accommodate currents as low as 10mA @10V, or 5mA @5V respectively. Contacts have a mechanical life of 20 million cycles, and provide high switching capacity.

R Series Socket

Convenient features

Each R Series relay has a mechanical "flag" and one piece "push-to-test" button and latching lever. The button permits momentary testing of relay contacts, while the lever allows relay contacts to remain closed for longer testing periods until released to normal. These features, standard on every Relpol R Series relay offered by Sprecher + Schuh, save time and labor when troubleshooting control circuitry. An optional LED position indicator shows whether the relay is energized, and whether the contacts have changed state. All relays with DC coils are bi-polar, which means polarity input can either be +/- or -/+ to energize the coil.

DIN-rail mounted relay sockets

R Series relays feature slim, IEC-type sockets which can be DIN-rail mounted or fixed directly to the panel with screws. Pin numbers are clearly identified for easy installation and maintenance. Relays can be quickly and easily fastened to the sockets, and optional retainer clips provide additional security in high vibration environments.

Safety approvals

The R Series from Relpol meets a number of international approvals, which vary based on the relay type. The R2/R4 and R15 relays are UL recognized, CE marked, and CSA and VDE certified. The RUC relay is UL recognized, CSA certified, and carries the CE mark. The RY2 relay is cUL recognized and also carried the CE mark.

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

All Sprecher + Schuh Timing Relays are UL-listed and CSA-approved. They also carry the CE mark.