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Control & Timing Relays

P Series Interface Relays

The Relpol PI84/PI85 Interface PCB Relays offer a unique design for high current applications. The low current input and power consumption with load capabilities of high current switching are ideal for limited input sources and panel space savings.

A full featured model in one small package

The Pl84/Pl85 interface PCB relays are offered as a complete package which includes the following five factory installed pieces:

Low input current, high switching capabilities

The Pl84 interface PCB relay is rated at 8 amps resistive @250VAC and is available in a 2PDT (2 form-C contacts). The Pl85 is rated at 16 amps resistive @250VAC and is available in a SPDT (1 form-C contact). The coil power consumption is approximately 750mA AC or 480mW DC.

RM84 Interface PCB Relay

Both interface relay styles are available in 24V DC, 24V AC and 120V AC models.

Rugged and reliable

With a mechanical life of 20 million cycles, and high contact switching capacity due to their hard nickel cadmium contacts, the Pl84/Pl85 interface PCB relays provide long-lasting, high-quality contact reliability even after millions of operations.

DIN-rail mounted relay sockets

The Pl84/Pl85 interface relay DIN-mounted sockets offer a slim, space-saving design. The relay socket includes a retainer clip to firmly hold the PCB relay and a description plate as standard.

Safety Approvals

The RM84 and RM85 interface PCB relays are UL recognized, CSA, VDE certified and CE marked which meets the requirements of all important international approval organizations, making them ideal for use in both domestic and export equipment.

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals