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CS8 Industrial Control Relays


Control & Timing Relays

CS8 Industrial Control Relays

The miniature relay system with big advantages

The CS8 Miniature Relay System packs maximum performance into minimum space with a compact build and superior design just like the CA8 contactor series.

Small but rugged

Sprecher + Schuh has subjected this miniature relay series to monitored endurance tests that demonstrate their ruggedness. Under normal duty, CS8 contacts have a maximum electrical life of 700,000 operations, while the AC magnet system has a mechanical life of 15 million operations.

The coil is designed for absolute undervoltage reliability. Undervoltages that do not cause the relay contactor to close can be withstood indefinitely without damage.

The body of the device is sturdy as well. The front housing, containing the phase partitions and screwdriver guides, is manufactured in one piece. Front and rear housing are then joint-fitted together.

CA8/CS8 H-Bridge Contacts

Superior Contact Reliability

The standard CS8 base relay and auxiliary contacts have a bifurcated H-bridge design which divides each moveable contact into two sections at the tip of the spanner. This design provides a higher degree of reliability for low signal applications. CS8 Relays are a perfect fit for PLC and other electronic circuits operating at signals as low as 15V @ 2mA.

Accessories require no additional panel space

The entire CS8 system is logically engineered. Auxiliary contact blocks are modular and snap on without increasing the CS8's original width of 45mm. Also, due to its sideways switching movement, the basic relay has the same low profile whether an AC or DC operating magnet is used. This permits the use of enclosures with shallow mounting depths. Once the CS8 is installed, all auxiliary contact blocks can be snapped on or removed without changing any existing wiring.

CA8/CS8 4-pole auxiliary

Accessory components provide flexibility

Many CS8 accessories are interchangeable with the CA8 contactor product line, reducing inventory costs. CA8/CS8 auxiliary components allow you to convert the basic four pole relay up to an 8 pole relay.

Effortless installation

CS8 relays are DIN-rail mountable for instant installation and modification. Fittings are also included for base mounting. All terminals are clearly marked and shipped in the open position for installation with either manual or power screwdrivers. Using self-adhesive labels, or plastic clip-on tags.


The entire line is UL Listed and CSA Certified and offers finger and back of hand protection to the strictest international standards.

International Standards and Approvals

International Standards and Approvals

All Sprecher + Schuh General Purpose Control Relays are UL-listed and CSA-approved. They also carry the CE mark, and provide finger and back-of-hand protection to the highest international standards.