Open & Reversing Contactors

Series CA5 Contactors


Did You Know?

The CA5 averages 40% smaller dimensions than other contactors in its class.


Series CA5 Contactors up to 900 HP

The complete contactor for heavy industrial applications

CA5 Series contactors provide large horsepower performance with a design that is up to 40% smaller than traditional contactors of this rating. The CA5 series consists of four contactors in two frame sizes covering motors from 500 to 900 HP (at 460V/575V). This line is well suited for heavy industrial applications utilizing large machinery and equipment such as rock quarries and mines, or for any large horsepower application where a rugged and dependable contactor is needed.

Specially-designed, bounce-free contact system

A characteristic of contactors in this size class is to transmit intense impact forces during operation. CA5 contactors, however, are designed so that the operating planes of the electromagnets and the contacts are opposed to each other by 90°. This results in a bounce-free contact system, increasing the contactor’s mechanical life and raising contact reliability.

Rugged and reliable

A massive steel framework supporting the magnet system ensures high stability in all applications. Despite their rugged construction, however, overall contactor weight has been reduced considerably — permitting simpler panel construction and easier assembly.

Unique coil "feeder group" offers many advantages

CA5-700 and 860 contactors are equipped with a special "feeder group" for the coil that accommodates AC control voltages of 50 or 60Hz, and a wide range of DC voltages. This coil arrangement eliminates noise and provides very low pickup and hold-in current. In addition, the dropout time of the coil can be adjusted within one of three ranges.

Adjustable auxiliary contacts

CA5 contactors can be equipped with a maximum of four NO and four NC auxiliary contacts. In addition, the closing time of the auxiliary contacts (on CA5-700 & 860 contactors) can be adjusted to meet individual control requirements.

International Standards and Approvals

All Sprecher + Schuh contactors are UL-listed and CSA-approved. They also carry the CE mark and meet IEC 9471 requirements. They are approved in virtually every international market.