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May 2021

Basics For Selecting A Motor Starter

A Quick guide to the types and details of motor starters.


November 2018

Using KT_7-25S/25H/45H Controllers on Non-Motor/Resistive Loads

Can a KT_7-25S/25H/45H controller be used a branch circuit protection on non-motor or resistive loads like a heater?


October 2018

UL Flame Class Ratings for CA7 Contactors

What is the UL94 flame class of a CA7 contactor?

Auer modulSignal 50mm Towers

April 2018

Inrush current for 24V LED bulbs / sound modules / strobe lights used in WTL50 & WTL70 series C devices

What are the Inrush currents for 24V LED bulbs / sound modules /strobe lights used in WTL50 and WTL70 series C devices?

CS7 Control Relay

June 2018

L11 Disconnect Switch terminal temperature rating

What is the terminal temperature rating for the L11 disconnect switches? Are they rated for 60°C or 75°C wire?

CS7 Control Relay

June 2018

Using a 3 pole L8 or L9 device on a 1or 2 pole load

Can you use a 3 pole L9 breaker on a 1 or 2 pole load?
Can you use a 3 pole L8 breaker on a 1 or 2 pole load?
Can I use just 2 of 3 poles from L9-10/3/C (2 phases from 3phase lines) 1st and second pole?

CS7 Control Relay

June 2018

Converting a CA7 Contactor with an AC Coil to a DC Coil

Can I swap coils from AC to DC (or vise versa) within the same contactor?

CS7 Control Relay

June 2018

Electronic interface Functionality on CA9 Contactors

What is the ‘ EI ‘ electronic interface function? And – how does it work on the CA9 contactors?
Are there options to use / or not use the ‘ EI ‘ electronic interface functionality on the CA9 contactor?

CS7 Control Relay

September 2017

CEP7 Overload Relay Testing Procedures

What procedure can be used to test the phase loss or overload protection on a CEP7 overload relay?

CS7 Control Relay

September 2017

Using an interposing relay with a CA6 Contactor

Can an interposing relay be used with CA6 Electronic coil contactors?

CA7 four pole terminals

August 2017

CA7 Four Pole Terminal Designations

What are the terminal designations on the CA7-__-M__ 4-pole contactors?

L7 Auxiliaries

August 2017

L11 Disconnect Switch Fuse Mounting Torque Requirements

What are the fuse mounting torque requirements for the L11 fusible disconnects 100A to 800A?