Clean Pumping, Waste Water Treatment, and Irrigation

Controlling Water with Reduced Voltage and Soft Starting Options

Sprecher + Schuh's PFB Softstarters are specially designed and engineered for the rigors of water control. Softstarters are ideal for pumping applications because of the small load requirements many of these applications encounter.


The PF line of Softstarters are a modular, intelligent soft starting solution for applications that require a variety of starting options, including soft ramp up, current limit starting, dual ramp starting, a variety of start accelerations and soft stop features. The modular design allows for flexible stocking and application options, including non-combination and combination models.

The PFB option provides for superior water handling including control of "hammering" and "surges", reducing the stress placed on pipes and machinery in water plants, sprinkler systems and other pumping applications.


Definitely Right for the Job

The Sprecher + Schuh CDP2 Definite Purpose contactors are specifically designed for applications such as air-conditioning, refrigeration, resistive heating, food service equipment, pumps, and compressors. CDP2 contactors are generally easily interchangeable as they are compact in size and offer three convenient methods of wire connection: quick connect terminals, screws, or box lugs.

Wide Range of Choices

Part-Winding, Simplex and Duplex Pump Panels

Complex pumping situations require complex solutions. Sprecher + Schuh has been solving application and design problems for over 100 years. We offer standard part-winding starters, simplex and duplex pump starters, and advanced Type E/F pump controllers to fit any pumping application or water control situation. Our advanced technical support and engineering teams can consult with you from early specification stages through installation trouble shooting.

Wide Range of Choices

Almost all Sprecher + Schuh products complement pumping and water control applications. Contact your local Full Line Distributor for additional information.