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NEMA-Sized Starters for Your Heavy Duty Commercial & Industrial Applications

Sprecher + Schuh through-the-door combination starters for HVAC/R applications provide an alternative to flange-operated combination starters that are economical without sacrificing quality or robustness. For years, Sprecher + Schuh has built standard custom control panels for these applications to meet rigid consultant specifications and to comply with UL and NEC requirements.

NEMA Sized for all HVAC/R applications

NEMA Sized for all HVAC/R applications

Sprecher + Schuh offers a complete line of combination and non-combination starters suitable for almost any HVAC/R application in the industry. Standard HVAC/R starters range from NEMA Size 00 up to NEMA size 3, 50HP (@460V AC). Larger NEMA sizes are also available.

Standard starters include non-combination, Fusible, Non-Fusible and Molded Case Circuit Breaker disconnects. All sizes are available in metallic Type 1 General Purpose or Type 3R Outdoor Rain tight enclosures. Three-phase and Single-Phase styles are available. An additional factory assembled option is the fireman and damper interface, especially designed to meeting the needs of building and contractor specifications for shut down control.

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NEMA Sized for all HVAC/R applications

The Fireman-Damper option allows for interface with electrically operated dampers where motorized dampers must be opened before the blower motor is allowed to start. This option also accommodates a contact input from a damper limit switch to signal that the motorized damper is in fact open. An end switch for analog interface with the motorized damper would be provided by others. The run permissive option includes provision for a second remote control device which is useful if the blower is initiated from two remote control devices like a thermostat and a CO2 sensor. The emergency shutdown feature allows for two wire connection to two terminal blocks from a remote device like an E-Stop pushbutton.

This bundle of features includes a Fireman Override which will accept a two-wire powered signal from a fire control system in a remote control room. This Fireman Override feature might be used to exhaust smoke out of a building in case of fire. Use of the Fireman Override causes the damper to open and the blower to run no matter what state the other controls, including if Off is selected on the H-O-A switch. In case of an actual fire the Fireman Override by-passes the overload relay protection and will run the motor to destruction or the overload by-pass can be disabled for periodic testing of the override circuit. A set of 22mm incandescent lights provide clear visual indication of the mode of operation and status – no squinting to see tiny LEDs’. All the bundled options are factory wired and include jumpers for normal operation. Until the jumper is removed and the optional remote device(s) are wired into place allowing complete flexibility to use only one or more or all of the features included.

Robust Electrical Contactors   Robust Quality Core Components

At the heart of all Sprecher + Schuh NEMA sized starters are the CAN7 and CAN6 contactors. These devices are compact yet sized according to NEMA standards for extended life, reaching up to 1 million electrical operations.

State-of-the-Art Overloads   State-of-the-Art Overloads

Paired with this robust line of contactors is the CEP7 Solid State Overload Relay. The CEP7 is an electronic overload that offers increased accuracy, repeatability, phase-loss detection, and selectable trip class by dip-switch selection.

KWIKstarters for a Quick Solution   KWIKstarters for a Quick Solution

For an easy to build starter from the readily available components above, the KWIKstarter series is an off-the-shelf solution any HVAC/R Dealer can stock and carry for quick turnaround. Single-phase KWIKstarters range from NEMA size 00, 1/3 HP (@120V AC) up to Size 2, 3 HP (@120V AC). These compact starters offer a small footprint in a Type 1/12/4/4X Non-metallic enclosure with Hand-Off-Auto selector switches, pilot light and other control options.

Fractional Manual Starters Fractional Manual Starters

The FMS manual switch starters are an economical and easy to install starter product for that simple starting solution. This classic manual switching solution uses an eutectic alloy overload system for simple protection against overheating.

Wide Range of Choices

Almost all Sprecher + Schuh products complement the HVAC/R family of starters and can be used in the HVAC/R industry for a variety of control applications. Our UL508 approved panel shop can assemble these HVAC/R starters and install them in the desired integry enclosure for a fast turnaround. Contact your local HVAC/R Dealer or a Full Line Distributor for additional information.