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Elevator and Escalator Control

Sprecher + Schuh has been supplying the elevator industry with control expertise for many years. We’ve been a proud member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors since 2007. Sprecher + Schuh offers a wide range of industrial control products for the elevator industry including hydraulic elevator softstarters, contactors, control relays, push buttons, switches, terminals and controllers, to name a few. All of our products are crafted with precision and tested rigorously for performance — far exceeding industry standards for use with elevators. It is by this philosophy that Sprecher + Schuh has come to be known as the "Industrial control and protection consultants."

PCEC Hydraulic Elevator Softstarters   PCEC Hydraulic Elevator Softstarters

The PCEC Hydraulic Elevator Softstarter is a current-limiting solid state starter for applications up to 150 HP @480V. The PCEC Hydraulic Elevator Softstarter controllers are designed to simplify installation, set-up, and typical operation of motors that drive hydraulic elevators and escalators. Visit the PCEC literature page for available documentation.

Contactors & Control Relays   Contactors & Control Relays

Sprecher + Schuh's broad line of contactors combine performance and reliability in space-saving designs that are well-proven and used the world over. CA7 Contactors up to 97A, and CA6 Contactors up to 900A, are the most reliable control option available. CA7Y2 and CA6Y2 Wye-Delta Contactors include line side power connectors and control circuit interlocks. Sprecher + Schuh contactors are approved for elevator duty and have published elevator ratings in the e-catalog.

For a smaller alternative the CA8 Miniature Contactors are rated to 690V with a minimal profile. CS8 Miniature Control Relays offer high switching capacity in a compact package. Regardless of your needs, Sprecher + Schuh products are the most reliable control option available.

D7D Monolithic Pilot Devices   D7D Monolithic Pilot Devices

The D7D Monolithic series is Sprecher + Schuh's price effective range of 22.5 mm control and signaling pilot devices. The D7 Monolithic line offers many standard features of the full D7 product series at a reduced footprint and cost efficient materials. Choose from standard push buttons, switches, emergency stop buttons and indicator lights. Visit the D7D literature page for additional product information.

Relpol Bipolar Plug-in Ice Cube Relays   Relpol Bipolar Plug-in Ice Cube Relays

Sprecher + Schuh has teamed with Relpol to offer the following products for superior elevator control. Designed for AC or DC switching, these convenient plug-in relays are an excellent additional to your elevator controls. Visit the Relpol product pages for complete information.


Wide Range of Choices

Many Sprecher + Schuh products can be used in the elevator industry for a variety of control applications. Contact your local Elevator Dealer or Manufacturing Representative for additional information.